Social Dialogue

Marketing is no longer a one way means of communication. Social media has opened the floor for customers and clients to be more vocal and involved with companies and brands. This is a vital component for maintaining a loyal fan base, in addition to listening to which products and services are the most loved by your target market.

Analytical Monitoring

Social media isn't just about publishing a post to your page. It takes constant monitoring and sifting through analytical data to find out who your audience is, when they are online, what types of posts they respond to, and more. Evaluating analytics on a regular basis is another important aspect of optimizing your social media marketing campaign.

Spread the Word

Trying to promote a new product or service? Help your customers or clients understand how your industry affects them? Social media marketing is the perfect platform to get the word out! A 2016 study found that 78% of Americans have a social media profile. Why not take advantage at a lesser cost than traditional marketing?


Packages and Pricing

Packages vary on audience size, post frequency, and event management. The smallest package starts at $45 per month. The larger the audience, and the more frequent the posting, the larger the price. Contact me for a personalized quote based on your social media marketing needs!

Other Services

If you're looking for someone to give you a fresh perspective and new ideas for your social media marketing campaign, I offer one-on-one consulting. In addition, I offer group classes and workshops, whether it's lecture style or more of a more hands-on approach. I also do guest speaking on the side and have been the sole presenter on Social Media Marketing at the Tourism Summit hosted by the Tuolumne County Visitor's Bureau for the last 2 years. Contact me if you're interested in any of the above-mentioned services!


What's next?

Looking to hire Tiffany to do your social media marketing? Contact her for an estimate!